Equine - Step Right

The Step Right Premium Equine Feed program was designed to match the diverse needs of horses through every stage and level of activity in their life. Using a unique blend of nutrients and fortifying each product with: Intellibond and Optimin trace minerals, pre and probiotics, organic selenium yeast, biotin, vitamin E and our blend of natural enhancements, the Step Right program will optimize the performance of your horse.  

The Step Right Difference 

The Step Right program offers a unique range of different feed forms including, pellets, textured, extrusion and mini cubes. The entire range boasts a complete feed or fully fortified formulation to support the nutritional needs of your best friend. 

  • Extrusion is a process of cooking ingredients to improve digestibility and energy availability of the feed. It also increases chewing and saliva production to help provide a buffer to stomach acid. 
  • Trouw Nutrition’s evolutionary Intellibond and Optimin trace mineral have been developed to optimize bioavailability to ensure access to vital nutrients. 
  • Pre and Probiotics to aid in the digestion process 
  • Inclusion of biotin, selenium, full complement of B vitamins 
  • SmartStep BeneFit Pak fills in where the nutrients leave off to assist in the challenges of life by modifying the fatty acid composition of the diet and providing additional antioxidants.