Hi-Range Beef Cereal Forage Mineral

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Hi-Range Mineral BagFeatures and Benefits:

  • Best suited for cattle fed in confinement in the winter or where cattle are grazing corn.
  • Added calcium and magnesium.
  • Contains flavor enhancers for increased palatability.

Feeding Instructions:

Hi-Range Beef Cereal Forage Mineral is designed to be fed free choice to a maximum of 100 grams per head per day. If cattle consume excess mineral, mix with salt to control intakes. This mineral may also be mixed into the grain portion of the diet at a rate of 10 kg per tonne. Also provide plenty of cereal forage. If the forage type changes, contact your Trouw Nutrition Canada representative to review your feeding program.


  • Directions for use must be carefully followed.
  • Do not use in association with another grain ration, supplement or premix containing supplemental Selenium.
  • Do not feed to sheep.


A list of ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant. This feed contains added Selenium at 30 mg/kg.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Calcium (act) 20.0% Iron (act) 1,300 mg/kg
Phosphorus (act) 2.0% Copper (act) 3,000 mg/kg
Sodium (act)  10.5% Cobalt (act) 50 mg/kg
Salt (act)  26.0% Iodine (act) 150 mg/kg
Magnesium (act) 3.0% Vitamin A (min) 600,000 IU/kg
Fluorine (max) 1,000 mg/kg Vitamin D (min) 100,000 IU/kg 
Manganese (act) 7,000 mg/kg Vitamin E (min) 3,000 IU/kg
Zinc (act) 9,000 mg/kg    

Individual results from the use of this product may vary due to management, environment, genetics, health and sanitation differences.  Therefore, Trouw Nutrition Canada, Inc. does not warrant or guarantee individual results.