Adult Mini Pig Diet

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Swine Feed BagDirections For Use:

Adult Mini Pig Diet is intended to be fed as a maintenance diet for mature Miniature, Pot-bellied, Teacup and Exotic pigs. For young pigs, feed a hog starter such as
HP Pig Starter Pellets from weaning to 7 weeks of age or older and then transition to 15% Hog Grower Pellets until maturity at 7-10 months of age. At maturity, transition to the Adult Mini Pig Diet, and regulate feed to a level which maintains a healthy body weight without putting on excess fat, usually between 1-2% of body weight depending on body condition, level of activity, environmental conditions and other food sources. Always provide abundant clean, fresh water.

Caution: Directions for use must be carefully followed.


A list of the ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant. 

Feed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min)  14.0% Zinc (act) 150 mg/kg
Crude Fat (min) 3.0% Copper (act) 25 mg/kg
Crude Fibre (max) 12.5% Vitamin A (min) 10,000 IU/kg
Sodium (act)  0.2% Vitamin D (min) 1,500 IU/kg
Calcium (act) 1.00% Vitamin E (min) 150 IU/kg
Phosphorus (act) 0.7%    

Individual results from the use of this product may vary due to management, environment, genetics, health and sanitation differences.  Therefore, Trouw Nutrition Canada, Inc. does not warrant or guarantee individual results.