We know that healthy animals are more productive animals. That means that immunity matters, big time. The long-term health of your herd depends on the robust immunity of each individual animal. It’s a simple concept, but achieving it is much more complicated. When looking at immunity there is a myriad of factors that come into play – a complex set of challenges and opportunities. We’re going to take an in-depth look into this to help Canadian farmers achieve healthier herds and feed the future.

Colostrum is perhaps the single most important factor that affects the health and vitality of neonatal calves.

Find out why and get some tips on how to set up the best colostrum protocol in place:

Boost Lifetime Health

You've heard it a million times already, but mycotoxins really are an issue this year. 

But there is a nutritional solution that will help keep your cows healthy. 

Beat the toxins

The dry period is one of the most important stages in a cow’s life cycle. It's also a period where their
immune system is at their weakest, 
leaving them vulnerable to a host of diseases.

There is a dry cow program that will help navigate this crucial stage and increase your herd's long-term health. 

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Oxidative stress is the broad term that relates to impairment of immune function. 

A essential part of maintaining a healthy herd is preventing oxidative damage to cells.

And there are nutritional solutions to do just that. Check it out here. 

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Poor environmental conditions can have negative effects on immune status due to increased energy demands
and stress, 
and research has shown that stressed calves will have an even more compromised immunity.

What can we do with housing to minimize these risks? 

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As we now know #ImmunityMatters, and no more so than in these 3 situations.

Be proactive and know when your cows might be at risk of impaired immune function.

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