VIVALTO® - performance support for the modern dairy cow

For the modern dairy cow, excellent availability and utilization of vitamins is essential to achieving optimal milk production. However, an increasing awareness of the benefits of B vitamins in high producing cows challenges the effectiveness of common vitamin supplementation. That is why we developed VIVALTO®; a vitamin supplement which includes a blend of B vitamins supplied in a fat matrix designed to support changing metabolic demands during early lactation, benefiting the efficiency of feedstuffs. And in challenging economic times, that is an advantage worth aiming for.



In controlled studies and commercial herd benchmarking carried out by Trouw Nutrition Agresearch, it has been shown that the mixture of B vitamins Vivalto® increases milk production.


Cows which have been fed with a ration enriched with Vivalto were observed to increase their milk production by 2 kg / day and 63 g / day of milk protein compared to cows receiving no supplement (p <0.05). Cows receiving the supplement showed no change in milk protein concentration compared to cows not receiving the supplement.

In this controlled study, giving Vivalto 21 days before calving and 100 days after calving resulted in a net benefit of $ 139.76 * per cow. If Vivalto®was fed over 305 DIM with no further increase in milk production, the calculated return on investment would be 4.7:1.

Study carried out at Granja Madero, a highly automated dairy farm with 800 cows, in Mexico.

  • 200 cows received Vivalto, 200 did not receive it.
  • Rations for lactating cows included corn silage, alfalfa hay, protein-rich concentrate and a feed.

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