Customer Service Rep

Contract types Full Time
Country St. Marys , Ontario
Location St. Marys , Ontario

The Customer Service Representative handles advisory and commercial customer requests, both reactively and proactively and in line with the relevant guidelines.
He / she ensures adequate and reliable customer administration, in order to contribute to customer satisfaction and realization of the commercial targets of the OpCo.
Activities include accepting and processing of incoming orders, answering questions, solving problems and customer complaints on orders, so that the customer satisfaction and continuity of the relationship are guaranteed
The Customer Service Representative role is located within the Customer Service department of an OpCo.
The main function of the department is to handle orders and to provide coordination with customers about products, delivery options and complaints. The client base may include a variety of customers, from independent clients as distributors to individual farmers, and customers covered by a key account.
The product portfolio, the number of different products / formulations and the geographical scope (countries / regions served) of the OpCo define the complexity of the role of Customer Service Representative.
At level IV and V, the role of the Customer Service Representative may include team leader / supervisory responsibilities for levels below, planning, coordinating and supervising the activities in the Customer Services team, in order to plan and realise the day-to-day activities and optimal work distribution within the team.


Job Description:

· Sales Support

o Supports and initiates follow-up actions by contacting customers (first and second line) and inform them about products in order to contribute to the

realization of effective customer communication.

o Answers questions about product assortment and applications, production based on standard product, quoting prices and delivery times

o (Re)negotiates contracts with customers for renewals regarding price, specifications and delivery within defined parameters and standards set by Sales, in

order to continue the relationships with customers meeting volume, quality and price requirements.

· Order processing and data management

o Handles incoming orders, in order to realize a timely and proper delivery of orders to customers. This includes monitoring, replenishing and entering order

data into automated system for further order processing, tracking of orders being processed, identifying (potential) problems and ensuring timely and correct

delivery of relevant information to the administration, purchasing and forwarding

o Updates product data in the relevant systems, giving an up-to-date insight in products, prices and other relevant information, including processing of price

indexations and adjustments and/or entering prices for new products and introducing of new products in the system, possibly add to customer assortment

· Customer relationship management

o Manages records and handles all customer requests and incoming orders in line with company policies and procedures, in order to effectively and timely deal

with all customer encounters.

o Registers, administers and updates all customer information, contracts, requests, order data, complaints and/or signals in the relevant systems in order to

timely, accurately and completely have insight in the type and status of customers, contracts, requests, complaints and/or signals, and orders can be

processed correctly

· Customer satisfaction 

o Logs and resolves all customer problems/requests within prescribed timescales to maintain customer confidence, if possible by actively solving problems /


o Provides support to customers on the most common standard problems, questions, complaints, etc., so that they are resolved and customers be appeased.

This includes properly recording of the problem or the complaint, determine the nature and cause of problem / complaint and translate the message into a

problem description, according to procedures; escalate complex problems / complaints 

o Monitors progress of delegated or escalated problems / complaints and keeps the customer informed about the status of reporting, administrative

consolidation of the notification, and recording in system

· Continuous improvement

o Signals bottlenecks in (work) processes, procedures and/or systems and contribute to the change / optimization of the department. 

· Communication / coordination

o Communicates with clients and informing them about solutions to problems / complaints. Explains options on alternative products. Informs managers on

complex problems / complaints. Conducts correspondence and preparation of reports

o May plan, coordinate and supervise activities of the Customers Services team, taking into account applicable guidelines and procedure, in order to plan and

realize day-to-day activities and optimal work distribution within the team.

Education Experience

College Diploma in Business Administration or Agriculture , or Similar Educational Background

Preference Given to candidates wit agricultural background

Fluency in English for both reading and writing

Competency in Microsoft programs and ERP programs

On site work requirements at St Marys Ont. facility


Our organisation:
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Equal Opportunity Employer: 

Nutreco is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, military status or any other status protected by applicable local law. Please advise us at any point during the recruitment and selection process if you require accommodation. Nutreco is committed to compliance with all applicable legislation, including providing accommodation for applicants with disabilities.