nutrace, feed safety, quality assurance, trouw nutrition canada, Nutrace® is our company-wide proactive program to assure feed-to-food safety and quality.


Guaranteeing unmatched value for our customers and partners by:

  • Minimizing risk by stringent ingredient, manufacturer and supplier assessment and management;

  • Ensuring only healthy, safe and sustainable raw materials are used for the production of Trouw Nutrition products;

  • Total transparent operation for customer confidence;

  • Assuring high quality products and services.


The Nutrace® program, complying with legislation and customer demands, is structured in five Nutrace® pillars.

Certified Quality& Food Safety

  • Commitment to international quality standards in all parts of the chain;
  • Based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and Trouw Nutrition’sown Health, Safety, Environment and Quality system;
  • External certification (e.g. FeedAssure®, ISO, Good Manufacturing Processes(GMP+ Int) with third-party independent audit.

Ingredient & Supplier
& Management                                                             

  • Common standards for the assessment and management of ingredients suppliers and manufacturers;
  • New suppliers and manufacturers must be evaluated and approved before being considered an official Trouw Nutrition supplier. Supported by Nutreco-wide ingredient & supplier assessment & management system;
  • Only approved feed ingredients, suppliers and manufactures are used by Trouw Nutrition.

& Control                                               

  • Implemented monitoring system;
  • Harmonized sampling & analysis methods;
  • Specific requirements of laboratories;
  • Nutreco wide early warning and rapid alert system;
  • Control of non-conformities;
  • Clear procedures for internal measures and external notification.                                                                                                                                         


  • Implemented risk management system to take appropriate precautions to minimize risks;
  • Crisis manuals have been developed based on experience and simulations.
  • These specify necessary corrective actions, communications and, where necessary, recall procedures. Well-trained crisis teams are prepared to minimize the impact of incidents;
  • Supported by a comprehensive, global network throughout the industry,with regulators, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

& Tracing                                     

  • Implemented Graphical Lot Tracker tracking & tracing-systems;
  • Traces feed batches back to their raw materials allowing for rapid upstream and downstream information essential for an efficient recall program;
  • Ensures an efficient information flow between Trouw Nutrition, its suppliers and customers;
  • Keeping record of every input and process from feed ingredient purchasing to finished product delivery.




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