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Innovation is key

Trouw Nutrition’s mission of 'Feeding the Future' is based upon the challenge of feeding a global population that is forecast to reach 9 billion people by 2050.

Our ambition is to contribute to meeting the world's rising food needs through responsible farming. We do this by seeking innovative ways to increase the efficiency and nutritional value of our products as well as the productivity of our customers while also reducing the environmental impact of our value chain. 

Trouw Nutrition’s innovation and research and development activities are driven by the belief that we must bring knowledge and technology to the market, faster and more effectively. We do this by translating world-class research and innovation into practical, sustainable nutritional solutions. 

Trouw Nutrition R&D is conducted in five research centres covering ingredients, poultry, ruminants and swine. These research centres are located in the Netherlands, Canada and Spain. Our international research teams encompass a broad range of scientific disciplines, including nutritionists, veterinarians, animal physiologists, microbiologists, immunologists and technical engineers.  

Trouw Nutrition’s success is built on our market-driven approach to research and development, which is guided company-wide by three key focus areas for innovation: 

LifeStart Young Animal Feed Dairy Animal Nutrition


An innovative animal nutrition program designed to bring science-based and sustainable practices to the optimization of animal growth and performance.

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Selko Feed Additives Healthy Life Trouw Nutrition

Healthy Life

An integrated approach to support the intestinal health of ruminants, pigs and poultry throughout all stages of life - helping to reduce the use of antibiotics. It also involves nutritional solutions for transition periods, such as farrowing and weaning in the case of pigs, the time around calving for ruminants, and the start of production for poultry and ruminants.

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Precision Nutrition NutriOpt Trouw Nutrition

Precision Nutrition

Using technology to optimize performance and profitability in a sustainable manner, significantly changing the farming model of the future.

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