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Early life management of young animals has a profound and long-lasting effect on the expression of their genetic potential in later life. LifeStart® is an innovative animal nutrition program designed for young animals to bring young animal vitality and later life performance. The LifeStart Program works because of a natural phenomenon known as metabolic programming which determines that the potential of an animal in later life is pre-programmed during the vital first weeks.

LifeStart helps dairy operations achieve higher performance through its unique focus on the first two months of life, a critical window of opportunity. By applying LifeStart's recommendations, farmers will be able to increase individual animal performance. LifeStart targets high average daily gain (ADG).

Optivia - Future Performance Optimized

Optivia┬« is Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain's dairy herd replacement program created to maximize the profitability of your operation, based on LifeStart scientific foundations and practical on-farm application. It covers all of the growth stages of your herd replacement program up to 24 months. Optivia, future performance optimized.

Milkiwean® is our complete approach to piglet nutrition committed to provide total piglet performance. Today the needs of every pig farmer are different, yet they all share the goal of increasing output while maintaining a healthy farm. There are differences in farm size, genetics, health conditions, use of antibiotics and effective farm management. The Milkiwean feeding program offers targeted solutions for every producer. Milkiwean focuses on quality, and a unique, dedicated production process supports a high feed intake and excellent piglet performance.