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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain is a Nutreco company, a global leader in animal nutrition and fish and shrimp feed. Quality, innovation and sustainability are guiding principles embedded in the Nutreco culture, from research and raw material procurement to products and services for agriculture and aquaculture. Experience across 100 years brings Nutreco a rich heritage of knowledge and experience for building its future. Nutreco employs approximately 12,000 people in 35 countries, with sales in 90 countries.

Our Vision
In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, there is a rising demand for high quality meat and dairy products. We will be the global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions that best support the performance of animals.
Our Mission
"Feeding the future" is the essence of Nutreco and we are meeting head-on the challenge to double food production while halving the footprint. Our ambition is to contribute to meeting the rising food needs of a growing world population in a sustainable manner.

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In 2013, Nutreco took a major step forward in its strategy. “Driving sustainable growth” is an ambitious goal of building a culture that integrates Nutreco globally and creates a long-term foundation to achieve the mission of “Feeding the Future”.
Nutreco already has a strong record of developing innovative nutritional solutions on platforms such as Precision Nutrition, LifeStart and Healthy Life. By placing innovation at the core of our culture, Nutreco can continue to be the leader in sustainable nutritional solutions. In addition to being innovative, we believe that our other values - being collaborative, capable and caring - will strongly contribute to our ambitions.