Our Responsibilities

Both employees and customers of Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain have a passion for feed and food that defines our business roles and personal lives.

We share a deep commitment to the sustainability of a food system that helps feed the world. The safety of that system and an awareness of our impact on the environment and society are prerequisites for financial sustainability. Many producers are second or third generation customers and they care deeply about the farm, environment and society that they will leave to future generations. Our sustainability policy represents a commitment that is consistent with our values and those of our customers. 

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Health & Safety

Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain is dedicated to the elimination of occupational injuries and illnesses in all of our facilities. We believe that a “zero” target, while challenging, is attainable.

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Nutrace® is Trouw Nutrition’s company-wide management program that ensures feed-to-food quality and safety.

It was developed to set uncompromising new standards from feed raw materials through to finished products, and to help minimize our customers' exposure to risks.

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Through our focus on sustainable innovation we aspire to be part of the solution. As an animal nutrition company with a global presence, we are ideally positioned to contribute towards the development of more sustainable food production.

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