Olfert Dairy, Winkler, Manitoba, Trouw Nutrition Canada, Canadian Dairy



Number of milking cows 


Size of property: 

420 acres
500 acres rented

Average Production:

39L with 3.77butterfat and 3.00 protein

Olfert Dairy Inc. is located in Winkler, Manitoba and is owned by Milt and Tash Olfert. They are third generation dairy farmers. Milt’s grandfather started as a cream shipper. The couple have two children, Taryn 23, and Nolan 21.

Portrait of farm

They own 420 acres with 500 acres rented, growing alfalfa, corn, wheat and soybeans. They have 96 Holsteins with an official production average of 39L, 3.77 

Olfert Dairy, Winkler, MB, Trouw Nutrition, Canadian Dairy

butterfat and 3.00 protein. They employ two full-time and eight part-time workers.

Meet the Olfert Dairy owners

Milt and Tash enjoy the routine of the day along with the challenge to grow healthy cows that produce high volumes of quality milk. Outside of work, they are passionate about watching sports and dinner theatre. If he would have had to choose another profession, Milt says he would have opted for some sort of sales job. Surprisingly enough, what they like the least on the farm are Sunday mornings! As for Tash, she works part time at the Central Station. She does the books, scheduling and some milking when needed.

Olfert Dairy, Winkler, MB, Trouw Nutrition, Canadian Dairy

Why fields and animals?

As the youngest child, Milt was the only one who was interested in “helping dad” on the dairy, so he stayed… and never stopped! Knock on wood, the couple has never been through any bad experiences in the past with their cows. Milt remembers the first time he did the milking alone with his son and daughter when they were just 10 and 12. They made dad very proud!


A look into the futureOlfert Dairy, Winkler, MB, Trouw Nutrition, Canadian Dairy

The Olfert family hopes to continue to dairy with expansion into the grain farming side. Milt believes that the industry will continue to grow but not without challenges.

Doing business with Trouw Nutrition

Olfert Dairy is served by Trouw Nutrition in Otterburne, MB, where their feed adviser is Kim Kaminsky. Milt says that Kim is always cheery and wants to know how they are before talking business. She is never pushy when it comes to sales. The Olferts can count on her, her word is gold! They are overall very satisfied with Kim, adding that feed is delivered in a timely manner.