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Robotic Milking - The Key Performance Indicators

When discussing the performance of robotic milking there are several types of indicators we can use, normally called Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). One of the most important parameters to look at is the kg of milk/robot/day or kg of fat/robot /day. This allows the producer to recoup the cost of the system sooner and optimize the income and profit per robot.

A good benchmark to have regarding this parameter is 2000 – 2200 kg of milk/robot, with a goal of higher than 2400 kg of milk/robot. This could translate to producing around 80 to 85 kg of fat/robot/day, with a good goal being higher than 91 kg of fat/robot. Of course, this is dependent on quota holdings and number of cows/robot but when the situation allows it, these are good numbers to aim for.

As in any dairy farm, it is important to know the goal of the farm in terms of production. Some farms want to maximize the amount of milk/cow, and as such, they may end up with less cows/robot to produce their milk fat; other farms may not care so much about having high production/cow tending to have more cows/robot to produce the milk fat. In both cases, as more quota becomes available, farms tend to add cows to the robot. Farms with higher production/cow may be in a better situation in this case, because they may still have room to grow while a farm with low milk/cow (more cows/robot) may find itself at capacity in terms of robot performance. The following table provides information regarding this relationship between milk/cow and milk/robot.

Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain is at the forefront in terms of feeding farms that have robotic milking systems. We offer the nutritional know-how, the feed balancing software (Newton®) and a pellet developed for robot farms (19% robot pellet) for this type of milking system. If you are milking in a robot or are planning to do so and are interested in knowing more about our Robotic Milking Feed Program, please Contact Us, your Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain Dairy Advisor or any Shur-Gain dealer in your area. We would be pleased to provide you with some information and clarify any questions you may have.

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