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For the past 3 years Trouw Nutrition R&D has been working in collaboration with Shur-Gain to change
the way we feed nursery pigs in Canada and as a result have developed the Milkiwean® nursery
feed program.

Milkiwean, depending on the challenges, goals or needs of a producer allows us to provide
a program that contains the solutions needed to achieve Total Piglet Performance.


Simple, solid early life nutrition sets the stage for success of the animal through early gut maturation to increase intake and growth, early development of immunity for a healthy start and maximizes intake for less variation to market. These are all critical factors in producing the best animals possible.

The most unique part of the Milkiwean feed programs is that they are highly customized to specifi c producer needs. This is very important because now producers can select a feed program that is best suited to their unique farm and delivers the right feed for each stage of life or circumstance. In this
article we will explain the unique characteristics of the Milkiwean feed programs so you can decide which one is best for you.


The Milkiwean Best Start program is the result of taking a good program and making it even better. This feed program is targeted to producers who want to achieve maximum growth and performance during the nursery period. The formulas have been created to contain a variety of highly digestible protein sources as well as using a blend of slow and rapidly digestible starches in order to avoid insulin spikes and promote steady digestion of nutrients. The energy level and amino acid balance is optimized to drive growth and effi ciency in the piglets. Figure 1 shows the comparison of the Milkiwean Best Start program against its predecessor as the control.

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It is evident that Milkiwean Best Start lives up to its expectation of improved average daily gain (ADG), feed to gain (FG), and end weight. This improvement in growth makes this program the obvious choice for producers who want to drive performance through the nursery period and into their finishing barns.


The Milkiwean Vital Start program is designed to create more robust nursery pigs that can deal with enteric challenges and a sub optimal environment. With more and more pigs being raised with reduced or no antibiotics there is also a need for diets specially designed to help sustain gut health. The formulas of the Milkiwean Vital Start diets were developed to contain more functional fibre ingredients, less undigestible protein and an optimal amino acid balance that specifi cally targets gut health and
development. All diets in the Milkiwean Vital Start program contain Selko Elarom-Mn® and higher acidification to assist in the lowering of gastric and proximal intestinal pH. Figure 2 illustrates

piglets, piglet nutrition, milkiwean

Efficient Start

This program is targeted to producers who are cost conscious and want to feed less complex diets in their nursery in order to maximize savings on feed costs. Milkiwean Effi cient Start program should preferably be used in nurseries where high health and low animal variation is standard in order to maximize its impact. The formulas themselves contain more plant based proteins and have an optimized energy and amino acid balance to reduce formula costs. All diets contain additives such as Selko Elarom-Mn® and Combiacid™ to aid in the growth and efficiency of the animals. Figure 3 below shows the overall results for feed costs and cost per kg of gain from a 6 week nursery trial. The Milkiwean Efficient Start diets allowed piglets to be raised for $0.66 per piglet less and $0.02 less per kg of gain.

piglets, piglet nutrition, milkiwean

This is our complete approach to piglet nutrition.