Giving your calves the best start in life

The evidence of the effects of environment and nutrition on early childhood development in humans is uncontestable, and it’s long been known that these two factors have profound and lasting effects. This is a completely natural phenomenon that is not unique to humans.

Creating a healthy and productive environment from birth to weaning, specifically by offering the best nutrition and by ensuring the animals remain healthy and are properly managed, has a positive influence on the life and productivity of calves, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

At Trouw Nutrition, we have a strong focus on young animal research, and we have partnered with research institutes and universities to compile the scientific evidence that demonstrates the benefits of early life nutrition. With LifeStart, we aim to connect the science with applicable feeding programs and management recommendations that ultimately can improve profitability on your farm by helping calves to develop faster and grow into healthy, productive cows.

A simple, natural way to grow productivity

When feeding to optimal levels, a calf will be better able to:

  • grow quicker
  • resist common diseases
  • increase their productive potential as a cow

By optimizing her growth potential, you are giving her a solid foundation for a healthy life, while reducing her age at first calving, allowing you to increase her lifetime potential productivity in the herd.

Optivia® products have been developped using the LifeStart scientific foundations to provide you with practical on-farm application solutions to cover all stages, from birth to calving.

Learn more about the Optivia/LifeStart approach and see the results on Canadian farms.

Rumimax®; a Unique Feed for the Critical First 2-4 Months

The weaning process is one of the most significant changes in the absorption and use of nutrients in a dairy animal’s life.

With Rumimax®, the objective is to keep a consistent intake of nutrients: when calves transition from milk and starter to Rumimax®, they still have a high concentrated dry ration which promotes higher intakes.

This unique and easy-to-use product allows you to prepare the ration in advance, and offer it to calves at will, reducing the management quantities and feedings.

Optivia® Rumimax® is part of a complete program based on scientific data. The Science behind LifeStart sets life performance through:

  • Good colostrum management
  • A sufficient quantity of milk over time
  • Good solid feed, integrated into weaning stages and favouring an optimal development of the rumen
  • A good post-weaning strategy
  • Care and management adapted to early life
  • Adequate facilities
  • Vaccination programs for lactating cows and dry cows

To try Optivia® Rumimax® or to learn more about the LifeStart science, contact your Dairy Nutrition Advisor.