Our Laboratory Services

At Trouw Nutrition Canada, our national laboratory holds an excellent reputation and has a long standing history of dedication to providing our customers with high quality food and feed testing services.

Our laboratory provides a variety of services including:

  • Offering chemical analysis, microbiological and NIR technology
  • Offering complete nutrition labelling for food product
  • Operating a quality system that reinforces standard operating procedures
  • Ensuring the competency of your staff by a rigorous training process 
  • Participating in internal and external proficiency programs
  • Using laboratory internal controls
  • Using electronic transfer and storage of data to ensure data integrity and avoid transcription errors
  • Free web portal to access your data and do compilations

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The Trouw Nutrition Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified. It has been accredited since 1998 and retains the accreditation following regular audits by Standards Council of Canada personnel. In order to maintain this accreditation our laboratory needs to fulfill a set of strict requirements that cover all activities including: staff training, sample handling and use of validated and proven testing methods.

Since 1996, our laboratory has retained a certification by NFTA (National Forage Testing Association) by annually participating in their proficiency testing program, consistently achieving top ratings. 

In 2018, we obtained the status of certified Laboratory for referee analysis of soybean meal according to NOPA trading rules.

Scope of Accreditation
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Accredited Laboratory No. 275
(Conforms with requirements of CAN-P-1587, CAN-P-4E (ISO/IEC 17025:2017))

Trouw Nutrition
8175 rue Duplessis
St-Hyacinthe, QC
J2R 1S5

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our analytical results we: 

1) Participate in external proficiency testing programs
The testing programs in which we participate are organized by reputable international organizations that validate the laboratory’s accuracy. Testing includes:
AOCS: Nutritional labeling 
AOCS: Oil seed meal testing 
AOCS: Cholesterol
AAFCO: Complete feed analysis 
NFTA: Complete forage testing
AACC: Testing of vitamins, sugars, minerals and dietary fiber
FAPAS: Microbiological analysis of foods and feeds
AOCS: Unground soybean
AOCS: Marine oil
DSM: Pigments

2) Internal Quality Assurance
Our internal quality assurance program includes testing of all activities.

3) Training Programs
Our staff proficiency is regularly monitored, staff members performing analytical testing follow a rigorous and structured training. 

4) Confidentiality
Our laboratory uses a Laboratory Management system for the handling of all customers’ data to ensure that it remains highly confidential.

To submit samples to our lab, please follow the guidelines below based on your customer type. If you are a:

  • Customer of our DEALERS - If you are currently a customer of one of our dealers, please contact your dealer directly.  

  • NEW Customer - Please fill out this form and send completed from to this email .
  • EXISTING Customers - Please follow the general procedure steps provided below:

General Procedure:
1) Package your samples individually in a tight container for moist or liquid materials or in bags for forages, powder or dry materials. Please contact us if you require sample bags or bottles.

2) Attach the correct Analysis Request Form to each sample.   



Shipment Recommendations








Water Sampling Procedure


Particle size


Mixing test




General form


General external


Nutritional Labeling


Quality control of ingredients for mills




Quality control of feeds for mills




NOPA Analysis



3) Verify with our customer service desk the possibility of using our rates when shipping by courier. 

4) Send sample to the following address:
     Trouw Nutrition Canada Laboratory
     8175 Rue Duplessis
     St-Hyacinthe, QC
     J2R 1S5














For questions or quotation, please contact us:

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 8h00 to 16h30

By phone: 1 (888) 330-7555 ext 4231

By email: : lab.canada@trouwnutrition.com

By mail:  Trouw Nutrition Canada Laboratory
                 8175 Rue Duplessis
                 St-Hyacinthe, QC
                 J2R 1S5