Key nutrients for the ideal sow premix

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One key factor for the performance of sows is to meet her nutrient requirements. 

An adequate feeding program is essential to achieve an optimal body condition that maximizes the potential of the sow's reproductive capacity.

Today, producers need to be able to design precise gestation and lactation feeding programs that are custom-made for their farm conditions including genetics, parity distribution, performance level, environment, housing system, management and feeds.

With the evolution in sow housing and management, there is a growing need to provide micronutrients in quantity and quality that will not limit animal performances in specific conditions, such as top producing herds with dry sows housed in groups. 

As some nutrients needs do change according to physiological stage, using a specific premix for gestation and lactation enables the delivery of better nutrition at lower cost.

When looking for the ideal premix for your sows make sure they are include these :


The functions of selenium are linked to the thyroid gland, immunity, reproduction and antioxidant status. Organic selenium has different absorption pathways which makes it more accessible at tissue level. In your sow premix, make sure 100% of added selenium comes from from a chelated source. This will be most beneficial for piglets at weaning and the lactating sows.


Vitamin E is one of the best-known antioxidants and one of the most expensive components in premixes. However, recent studies have shown the synthetic vitamin E has a lower bioavailability than previously thought. Premixes should use a blend of antioxidants with higher bioavailability to replace a small part of added vitamin E. 

Farm minerals

Previously, minerals were either organic or inorganic. Now we have a hydroxyl category that has better handling characteristics, higher stability due to chemical composition and higher bioavailability. 

Gestation pack

As we all know, group housing in gestation is the new reality. In these transitions, we often observe an increase in foot issues in sows (lameness).  In order to provide the nutritional support to prevent these problems, Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain gestation and dual purpose premixes have increased bioavailability of zinc, copper and manganese.


Since Canadian ingredients have very low and variable levels of chromium. Non-supplemented diets do not fully meet the sows’ requirement for this nutrient. Chromium’s sole metabolic role is its presence in the glucose tolerance factor which improves the effectiveness of insulin. 

See how our MISSION sow feeding program and model can improve the performance and profitability of your sow herd. 

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