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The challenges of lactating sows are numerous. As they are now producing increasingly large litters of piglets, sows are subject to significant stress during lactation. Immediately after farrowing, they are required to produce as much milk as possible to nurse 12-13 piglets. It is critical that their feed intake during this period support their substantial milk production needs. Feed intake also has to be high enough to maintain a body condition that will ensure a high level of productivity throughout multiple parities. 

Increased lactation feed intake = big wins 

A number of different publications and studies demonstrate the positive effect of increased feed intake during lactation in sows on the piglets' weaning weight, weight loss of the sows, and performance during subsequent parities.

Here's what we found in our own four trials involving over 1,200 sows over the last year:

19% decrease in weight loss

1% increase in litter weight gain 

60% increase in piglets weighing over 6 kg 

20% reduction in feed refusal rate

So with all these great benefits of increasing sow feed intake, how do we increase feed intake in the first place? 

How to Increase Lactation Feed Intake

In our trials we were able to achieve a 400 g/day or 1 lb/day increase in lactation feed intake. How? 

This signigicant increase in the sows' intake during the entire lactation period (and the above positive) was achieved by adding 1 kg/tonne of Elarom-Mn in the sows diet. 


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