Step 7 Pro Equine Supplement

Tag: 967309/967301

Step 7 BagStep 7 Pro is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement in a concentrated, loose formulation. It is intended for horses consuming non-complete feeds such as CR ProFibre Crunch or non-fortified feed and grains. This supplement has been formulated for superior equine performance including increased hoof health and growth, and improved immune function. This supplement is also suitable for horses on pasture, over-conditioned horses, and horses with low energy requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • A safe, convenient option to ensure your horse is getting well supplied with essential trace minerals and fat-soluble vitamins, even if they are not consuming a lot of concentrate feeds.
  • Fortified with organic selenium, chelated trace minerals, yeast culture, and Botanical Guardin™ for superior digestibility, growth and performance in your horse.

Feeding Instructions:

In general, feed according to the following schedule, adjusting for size, age and overall body condition of the horse. For breed-specific recommendations, consult your veterinarian. Always ensure ample access to clean water for optimum health. Brood Mares (450 kg): up to 250 g/day; Mature Horses (450 kg): up to 250 g/day; Growing Horses: 50 g supplement / 100 kg body weight.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Sodium (act) 3.0% Selenium (added) 12 mg/kg
Calcium (act) 9.6% Vitamin A (min) 120,000 IU/kg
Phosphorus (act) 6.4% Vitamin D (min) 22,000 IU/kg
Magnesium (act) 1.25% Vitamin E (min) 2,400 IU/kg
Iodine (act) 10 mg/kg Thiamin (added) 76 mg/kg
Copper (act) 890 mg/kg Riboflavin (added) 200 mg/kg
Manganese (act) 1,400 mg/kg Pyridoxine (added) 200 mg/kg
Zinc (act) 2,400 mg/kg Biotin (added) 80 mg/kg
Cobalt (act) 100 mg/kg