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Our pet food division has been enhancing the lives of companion animals through on-going nutrition and quality improvements since 1983. We offer a range of pet products, including branded and private label formulas, to meet the needs of all markets, from commercial to specialized food.

We are a leading pet food supplier to companies in both Canada and the USA. Our customers choose us because we are committed to animal health and well-being and provide high quality, safe nutrition products.

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Our commercial pet food products are:

The Hi-Pro Feeds pet foods product line is produced to high standards and consistent quality. They are the result of knowledgeable nutritionists working in collaboration with pet owners to provide optimum diets. Experience these animal nutrition products bought to you by a brand that is only invested in animal nutrition.
- Kennel Blend
Kennel Blend dog foods are proudly produced in western Canada with a fresh, balanced diet made with regionally sourced ingredients. Both Kennel Blend All Stages and Large Breed dog foods are formulated with a chicken, turkey and duck recipe.
- Nu-way
Nu-Way Cat and Dog foods deliver a balanced diet to your companion and provide them with optimum levels of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.

Shur-Gain Heritage brand products have been the foundation of our pet line, providing value-based nutrition for generations of pets. All diets are complete and balanced, using quality ingredients and manufacturing technology to ensure your pet receives safe, healthy products.

And our Nutri-Choice product line provides retail solutions for all your pet section needs: dry kibble, wet foods, treats, biscuits and cat litter.

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