Shur-Gain Heritage and Nutri-Choice Pet Products

Heritage - Tip Top
Including formulations for dogs and cats, the Shur-Gain TIP TOP brand provides sound nutrition with superior value. Formulated with no ruminant meat-and-bone meal, these products are ideally suited for use on farm. 100% complete and balanced, they require no additional supplements. No artificial colours or flavours.

Heritage - Bite Size
Shur-Gain BITE SIZE Adult Dog food is a nutritionally complete diet suitable for all life stages. The delicious meaty flavour is 100% guaranteed, and suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Heritage - Prestige
Prestige 3 Flavour Cat formula provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition with three delicious flavours that cats love – poultry, fish and liver. Includes all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your cat needs for health and vitality! Available in 16 kg bag.

Heritage - Lifetime
Devoted to Giving Your Pet a LIFETIME of Healthy Nutrition! LIFETIME is affordable nutrition, with great value – no compromises. These formulas provide all life stages nutrition - suitable to providing your pet with all their nutritional requirements throughout their life.

Super Saver - Dry Cat Food
Available in delicious 3-Flavour and Seafood varieties. Super Saver Dry Cat Foods are nutritionally complete, with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Naturally flavoured for a taste your cat will love!

Super Saver - Wet Cat Food
A flavour for even the pickiest cat – Super Saver Wet Cat Food is available in Gourmet, Chicken, Seafood, Prime-Grill with Beef and Mixed Grill varieties. All are 100% complete and balanced.

Super Saver - Dry Dog Food
Super Saver Dry Dog formulas are nutritionally complete and available in Small Breed, Maintenance, Large Breed and Combo varieties. A solution for every dog!

Super Saver - Wet Dog Food
Super Saver Wet Dog Food is complete and balanced nutrition for all ages and breeds of dogs. The natural meaty flavours of Chicken or Beef varieties your dog will be sure to enjoy!

Super Saver - Dog Biscuits and Treats
Super Saver 5 Flavour Dog Biscuits are fortified with Vitamins and Minerals, Oven-Baked Delicious and help to reduce tartar build up. Includes 5 tasty flavours. Our semi-moist treats are made with real meat and natural flavours, in resealable bags for freshness. Includes Bacon, Bacon & Cheese, Bacon Jerky and Chicken Jerky Flavour Bites.

Super Saver - Cat Litter
Available in clumping, anti-bacterial and scented varieties. Super Saver Cat Litter also has several packaging formats - bags, jugs or boxes.

Advantage - Dry Dog and Cat Food
Nutri-Choice Advantage offers premium dog and cat formulas that are made with real Chicken or Lamb, whole Fruits & Vegetables, and all the Advantages that quality ingredients provide. Available in Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog, Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog, Large Breed Dog, Small Breed Dog & Puppy, or Indoor Cat formulas. A product for every pet!

Advantage - Grain-free
With Omega Fatty Acids to help promote skin and coat condition. Added anitoxidants to support immune function.