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Our Poultry Program

At Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain, we are recognized as a market leader in research proven poultry nutrition. Our dedicated team of poultry territory sales managers, Shur-Gain dealers, researchers and nutritionists strive to use our combined resources and knowledge to make a positive difference in your poultry operation.

As a full-service poultry nutrition company, we at Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain offer a range of feed additives, vitamin and mineral premixes, supplements and complete diets for your poultry operation. We are committed to supplying you with everything you need to efficiently and economically raise quality poultry, meat and eggs. 

Our Shur-Gain dealer teams have the resources and knowledge to make a difference in your poultry operation. Contact Us or a Find a Dealer near you to learn more about how Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain can be your poultry feed nutrition partner.

Our Shur-Gain poultry feeding programs are designed to maximize your economic performance, maintain flock health and reduce environmental impacts. With our global experience and leading-edge research, we believe it is our mission to bring poultry innovations that benefit your poultry operation as quickly as possible:  

For commercial broilers, our Shur-Gain broiler programs are specifically designed to improve feed cost/kg of gain for all sizes and market ages of mixed, cockerel and pullet flocks. Each feed provides the optimal mix of nutrients required for growing broilers at every stage of life.

Ask us about our RWA (raised without antibiotics) feeding programs, which contain a selection of proprietary feed additives that help naturally maintain the health of your birds without the use of medications.


For commercial layers, our novel Ecolay Tandem® feeding program provides the optimal supply of nutrients to meet the needs of hens during the egg formation process. Ecolay Tandem delivers more profitable and sustainable egg production, with lower production costs.

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For commercial turkeys, our Shur-Gain turkey programs are developed to optimize your turkey's performance and profitability.

nutri-opt precision nutrition

We also understand poultry producers have more decisions to improve performance and profitability, and frequently there is not time for trial and error. That’s why we have developed technologies seamlessly connected together in NutriOpt, our modular feeding system.

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