Our Swine Program

At Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain, we are recognized as a market leader in research driven swine nutrition. Our dedicated team of swine advisors, dealers, researchers and nutritionists strive to use our combined resources and knowledge to make a positive difference in your swine operation.

Are you looking for a full-service swine nutrition partner for your swine operation? Our team of certified Swine Nutrition Advisors (SNA) and Shur-Gain dealers, get world-class training based on the latest scientific advances on a continuous basis and have access to tools designed to put your profit first. 

Our Shur-Gain dealer teams have the resources and knowledge to make a difference in your swine operation. Contact Us or Find a Dealer near you to learn how Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain can be your swine feed nutrition partner.

At Trouw Nutrition/Shur-Gain, we believe it is our mission to utilize our global experience and leading-edge research to bring innovations that benefit your swine operation as quickly as possible to help you maximize the economic performance of your operation.

Health challenges? Poor performance? High cost/kg gain?  All farms face different challenges, why should one feeding program be the solution for everyone?

We offer a range of swine feeding programs to meet your needs and goals from the early stages of life onwards:     

With Milkiwean® we provide a complete and unique approach to piglet nutrition, allowing you to choose the program that will help you meet your goals including the one goal every producer can agree on, achieving total piglet performance.

One the key factors in maximizing the potential reproductive capacity of a sow and therefore her lifetime performance is maintaining appropriate levels of body fat and protein, more commonly known as body condition. Our sow research led us to develop the SHUR-GAIN MISSION sow feeding program, to help producers improve the performance and profitability of their sows.

Thanks to our on-going research on grower and finishing pigs we can now help to raise your pigs with a reduced use of antibiotics. We have a full-range of products that help naturally maintain the health of your pigs without the use of medication.

We also understand swine producers have more decisions to improve performance and profitability, and frequently there is not time for trial and error. That’s why we have developed technologies seamlessly connected together into NutriOpt, our modular feeding system.

Watson.S® is our integrated swine model and management tool embedded in NutriOpt. With Watson.S we are able to simulate the impact of any change on your production before its applied on-farm, allowing you to identify the optimal solution and achieve your goals.

CompiPorc is our benchmarking tool embedded in NutriOpt. CompiPorc allows you to understand where you are and target where you need to be. CompiPorc will benchmark performance for nursery and grow-finish pigs, allowing you to make fact-based decisions.