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Early life nutrition sets the stage for success of the animal through gut maturation, early development of immunity and maximizing intake for less variation to market.
Research shows that during weaning, the rate of digestion in young animals slows down and can result in inefficient nutrient absorption.

Other challenges that often show up in a nursery include performance issues, health challenges or economic constraints.

One single feeding program cannot solve all of these issues. That’s why at Trouw Nutrition we support swine products with three different program options for young animals.

We have updated all three of our Milkiwean® programs to include Kinetio technology and better support you to achieve your objectives.

What is Kinetio technology?

Kinetio is a new way of formulating animal diets, where ingredients are utilized based on their rate and state of digestion.

Through our extensive research and validation process, Kinetio technology has proven to be a way to improve nutrition, performance and the cost of feeding nursery piglets.

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Milkiwean Best Start with Kinetio

For top piglet performance with the highest quality piglet nutrition

What you can expect :

  • Higher growth and feed intake in pigs
  • High exit weights and improved uniformity
  • Increased nutrient density
  • High levels of digestible nutrients
See if Milkiwean Best Start with Kinetio is the best fit for you.

Milkiwean Vital Start with Kinetio

When you are facing enteric challenges on farm and want to improve piglet vitality

What you can expect:

  • Supports the piglet to perform even with enteric challenges
  • Encourages normal gut health and development
  • Specific amino acid balance to support piglets as they cope with disease challenges
See if Milkiwean Vital Start with Kinetio is the best fit for you.

Milkiwean Efficient Start with Kinetio

When you are cost conscious and desire to keep cost per kg of gain low without compromising growth

What you can expect:

  • Low cost rations
  • Reduce feed cost by approximately $1/pig compared to other Milkiwean programs
  • An increased level of plant-based proteins
  • Optimized nutrient density
See if Milkiwean Efficient Start with Kinetio is the best fit for you:





Hybrid programs are available

As production, market and customer goals continually change, we recommend frequently reevaluating which Milkiwean program is most advantageous to your operation.

Customized hybrid programs of the three offerings can be recommended for your operation as well.

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