Producer Testimonials,
Results that Speak

ferme gagnol, saint-joseph de beauce, quebec dairy farm,

“In 2018, during an information day, we were told that a new product would
be put on the market. At the time, I had informed my representative that as
soon as it would be available, I wanted to give it a try! So right out, we
brought it to the farm!
What motivated me to use it was to increase my kilos of fat produced per
cow per day.
And my goal is reached, because since I’ve been using it, my herd yield
increased to 1.6 kilo of fat produced per cow per day... It allows me to make
my herd profitable and maximize my production! It’s very interesting!
I also recommended it to friends so today, it’s obvious that I would not
remove it from my ration. The results on my farm are significant, and in my
opinion, it is a product that pays for itself!"

ferme gagnon, saint-joseph de beauce, trouw nutrition dairy


la ferme sylivmarc, casselman, ontario, trouw nutrition dairy

“The first time we heard about Cremalto was through our representative!
He suggested we add it to the ration because he knew we were using palm
fat to make sure we had a good fat test, and we wanted to make some
changes at that level because Dairy Farmers of Ontario is looking more and
more at palm fat in milk.
Since the addition of Cremalto, despite stopping the use of palm fat, our fat
test maintained in our production. And as a bonus, our production cost has
dropped with Cremalto! So for us Cremalto is quite advantageous, I would
say that it is an asset.“

la ferme sylimarc, family farm, dairy, trouw nutrition dairy



“In May 2019, my Shur-Gain Rep Jon Raymond told me about Cremalto and
we decided to include it in our ration at that time. Before that, we found that
our cows weren’t giving us what we were expecting from them. Regarding
my genetics, there was a lot of potential for more milk and components;
knowing that I wanted to make my cows more efficient, Cremalto was a
great option.
Since I’ve added Cremalto, I’ve noticed a change in my butterfat! In the past,
our fat test used to decline around the month of May, but this year we
maintained a great fat test, especially compared to our counterparts. This is
important for me, butterfat is paid a premium in Newfoundland so we
wouldn’t remove it knowing how it has helped us and our bottom line. I can
definitely say that it gave my milk more value."



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