We know, and you know, nutrition is the biggest expense on the farm. You need by your side a partner in nutrition that has a global vision of your business, who has a critical eye and raises areas for improvement and finds solutions, thanks to its understanding of your ambitions.

The Shur-Gain nutrition advisors are trained through the most comprehensive program in the industry, in addition to being supported by a whole team of experts so that their main focus is you, and achieving your goals.

Tools and Results through Research

These tools are developed using our world-class research facilities, and with multiple partnerships with different specialized universities.

For almost 100 years, our company has invested heavily in research and development to remain at the forefront of innovation in terms of animal knowledge and development of profitable and applicable solutions on the farm.

We are committed to finding innovative ways to increase the efficiency and nutritional value of our products as well as your productivity, while reducing the environmental impact of our value chain.

Do not compromise, choose a partner who lives up to your ambitions. Find him here.