Quality Assurance in Feed Manufacturing: The Crucial Role of Monitoring and Control

Across Species

Quality is a non-negotiable aspect of any industry, but when it comes to the production of animal feed, it becomes a matter of not just product integrity but also the well-being of animals and, consequently, the safety of the food supply chain. Trouw Nutrition Canada (TNCA) takes this responsibility seriously, embedding quality into every step of its operations through their Nutrace® program, with the Receiver Training Program standing as a cornerstone within the monitoring and control pillar.


Nutrace: A Holistic Approach to Feed Safety and Quality

At the heart of TNCA's commitment to quality is Nutrace®, a feed-to-food safety and quality program that guarantees the safety of feeds to animals and the safety of food to humans. Nutrace is built on five pillars, and the monitoring and control pillar is where the receiver training program finds its place. This pillar ensures that raw materials are diligently monitored, undesirable substances are identified, and a standardized internal rapid alert system is in place.


The Receiver Training Program: Empowering Receivers for Swift Decision-Making and Ensuring Feed Safety

Receiving is a critical step in the feed manufacturing process, and at TNCA, the receivers are not just gatekeepers; they are the guardians of quality. The receiver training program (RTP) underscores their pivotal role in evaluating incoming ingredients. This program was developed to ensure receivers can quickly and confidently identify ingredients that consistently adhere to local guidelines set by the quality assurance team. It equips receivers with the knowledge to assess ingredients against national criteria, such as those set by the Canadian Grain Commission and the hazards identified through a robust risk assessment. This ensures a holistic approach to quality assurance, recognizing the broader context in which TNCA operates.


Real-Life Impact: Avoiding Claims and Liabilities

Through meticulous training, Trouw Nutrition Canada ensures that receivers play a pivotal role in safeguarding against scenarios that could lead to compromises in animal health. The emphasis on thorough assessments is a proactive measure, mitigating risks such as those associated with toxin-related feed refusal or potential issues such as ergot toxicity. By investing in the competence of its receivers, TNCA establishes a defense against challenges that could arise within the landscape of feed manufacturing.


Conclusion: A Promise of Quality

In conclusion, Trouw Nutrition Canada's commitment to quality control is woven into the fabric of its operations. The RTP is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that each ingredient passing through TNCA's gates meets the highest standards. Through Nutrace's monitoring and control pillar, Trouw Nutrition Canada doesn't just produce feeds; it produces a promise of quality.

In the ever-changing world of feed manufacturing, TNCA is dedicated to quality, setting industry standards, and ensuring the products for your animals are a symbol of trust and assurance.