Poultry - Our Approach

Trouw Nutrition is a full-service poultry nutrition company offering expert advice, products, and solutions for the poultry market. Our poultry portfolio includes offerings of benchmarking and production modelling, Shur-Gain complete feed, and Trouw Nutrition premixes and feed additives. Our commitment is to offering innovative solutions and support to improve economic profitability of poultry producers. Our dedicated team of poultry advisors, dealers, researchers and nutritionists strive to use our combined resources and knowledge to make a positive difference for producers.

Poultry-Our Approach-Broiler/Turkey Programs

Customers of Trouw Nutrition have the opportunity to receive quality service from the technical support team as well as access to the most innovative products on the market. Our technical team can offer expert advice in all areas including diet formulation, feed materials, farm management, nutrition and health within poultry nutrition and management.

For commercial broilers, our Shur-Gain complete feeds are specifically designed to improve feed cost/kg of gain for all sizes and market ages of mixed, cockerel and pullet flocks. Each feed provides the optimal mix of nutrients required for growing broilers at every stage of life.

Trouw Nutrition is a world leader in the area of animal nutrition; extensive research and development has been conducted to help broiler and turkey producers maintain or improve animal performance in the face of reducing antibiotics in their feeding programs. Through innovative feed additives, we can offer several feeding programs from reduced antibiotic programs (with no antibiotics important in human medicine (NMIA)) to be raised without antibiotics programs (RWA).

Antibiotic Free

Innovation and the reduction of antibiotics are amongst Trouw Nutrition's top priorities. We have used our research and development power to bring to the market the best alternative solutions to antibiotics. Our RWA (raised without antibiotics) feeding programs, which contain a selection of proprietary feed additives that contribute to maintaining animal healthare market leaders in supporting producer's goals in the changing environment to reducing the use of antibiotics.  

Poultry-Our Approach-Layer Programs

Egg production is a physiologically complex process for the hen, involving the mobilization of different amounts and types of nutrients at different times of the day. Precise feeding is required in order to match the circadian biological rhythm of the animal. Trouw Nutrition supports laying hen production through innovative feed solutions and management practices with a focus on optimum cost formulations, increasing eggshell quality and laying performance.

Innovation and the reduction of antibiotics are amongst Trouw Nutrition's top priorities. We have used our research and development power to bring to the market the best alternative solutions to antibiotics. Our RWA (raised without antibiotics) feeding programs, which contain a selection of proprietary feed additives that contribute to maintaining animal health, are market leaders in supporting producer's goals in the changing environment to reducing the use of antibiotics.

Split Feeding

By utilizing a split-feeding regime, it is possible to achieve improved eggshell quality and laying persistency on a reduced nutrients intake, when compared with a single-feed approach. The morning feed delivers the nutrition for energy, protein and phosphorous for egg lay production, while the afternoon feed meets the requirements for eggshell formation.  

 This not only offers a reduction in feed and production costs, but also results in more effective delivery of feed ingredients, with less excretion of nutrients. With Trouw Nutrition’s support it is possible to calculate the precise supply of nutrients required for the two daily feeds, in order to ensure optimum egg formation for your flock.  


Trouw Nutrition has been benchmarking the performance of birds for more than forty years. Over the years we have transitioned our benchmarking capabilities from using calculators and spreadsheets to online databases. CompivolTM is the highly regarded benchmarking software available from Trouw Nutrition. CompivolTM features a technical-economical results analysis module that can be used to compare flock performance for broiler chickens, turkeys, ducks, and egg-laying hens using the online NutriOpt® platform. CompivolTM is a unique tool designed to help your business identify areas for improvement and develop an action plan to achieve your objectives. 

Unleash the power of plants

Learn about Selko Synerco™, our first product in our phytotechnology portfolio. Synerco has proven to improve performance in poultry and economic return for the producer.