Donations, Sponsorships and Events

Trouw Nutrition North America Donation and Sponsorship Request

General Framework:

Trouw Nutrition North America (TNNA) is pleased to partner with organizations, businesses, educational institutions, or associations to support projects and events related to the agriculture, agri-food, and companion animal nutrition industries within North America. The relevance of each sponsorship will be evaluated based on TNNA's business objectives, strategic goals, and impact of commitments. Requests need to be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the required date to be considered.

TNNA selects projects and events that support our business development and brand promotion. Projects and events should meet the following criteria:  

  • Be dedicated exclusively to the agricultural industry and/or companion animal nutrition industry, targeting:
    • Agricultural producers
    • Educational institutions related to agriculture
    • Young farmers
    • Associations and organizations working in agriculture and agri-food, mainly livestock production, and companion animal nutrition
  • Be done on behalf of an organization or a company registered with local authorities
  • Offer regional, provincial or national visibility

We are unable to sponsor single individuals, private groups, or organizations associated with a religious, political, or lobbying cause.


Donations, Sponsorships and Events Request Form

Please fill out the form below. Once completed and submitted, a written response confirming TNNA’s decision will be forwarded to the applicant within 30 business days of the date the application is received. Payment terms for funding are net 90 days once your request is approved.