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Trouw Nutrition’s mission of 'Feeding the Future' is based upon the challenge of feeding a global population that is forecast to reach 9 billion people by 2050.

Our ambition is to contribute to meeting the world's rising food needs through responsible farming. We do this by seeking innovative ways to increase the efficiency and nutritional value of our products as well as the productivity of our customers while also reducing the environmental impact of our value chain. 

Species Advisors 

Trouw Nutrition Advisors have a toolbox with more than 30 tools to provide the best solution from feed and selection of feed additives, to change management as ways to address on-farm issues. Some of the feed additive tools may improve production or profitability when used appropriately.    

Talk to a Trouw Nutrition sales representative or local Shur-Gain dealer for more information about our products and feeding programs. 

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Dairy Nutrition Advisors

Our team of sales representatives, dealer owners and nutritionists have the knowledge, expertise and resources to answer your questions about Dairy nutrition. They are your partners and key members of your farm management team.   

What sets us apart? Our Dairy team uses a whole farm approach and are able to utilize their expertise in a number of areas of farm management – not just nutrition – to help you achieve your goals. They are trained to look for opportunities to maximize your herd’s productivity and your business’ profitability.   

Swine Nutrition Advisors

A good swine production advisor needs excellent listening and analytical skills, and a desire for continuous improvement, so we developed an advanced national training program for swine nutrition advisors. This multidisciplinary program addresses the core issues of swine businesses:  nutrition and physiology, growth modelling, health and biosecurity, observation and management, records and analysis. Candidates who successful complete the entire training will receive their official Swine Nutrition Advisor certification. This process requires a significant investment in terms of time and money. However, it also represents added value for Trouw Nutrition as a supplier of animal health and nutrition products. This program is clearly an advantage for us, but especially for swine producers. 

Poultry Nutrition Advisors

Trouw Nutrition team members pride themselves on being experts in their field and being able to support poultry producers with any challenge on farm. In our opinion, a good advisor needs excellent listening and analytical skills, and a desire for continuous improvement, so we developed an advanced international training program call the Poultry Learning Program. This multidisciplinary program addresses the core issues of poultry production: nutrition and physiology, health and biosecurity, and farm management, with additional topics being developed continuously.

Beef Advisors

Our team of beef advisors, sales representatives and nutritionists have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to make a difference and achieve growth to support your beef operations goals.

Our beef team works closely with our customers, considering all areas of farm management – not just nutrition – to identify opportunities where nutrition or management solutions can make a difference. Our products and services support feedlot and both purebred and commercial cow-calf operations. We can help your beef business achieve your goals, whether it’s maximizing profitability, maintaining herd heath or more.