Precision Nutrition

Optimizing Nutrition, Improving Profitability

At Trouw Nutrition Canada, we are constantly working to help our customers achieve their goals by using technology to improve performance and profitability.  


Animal and Economic Models:




Newton® is our dynamic ration balancing model that incorporates the effect of digestibility of forages. This allows Newton to do a more accurate estimation of the energy that a cow derives from the feed. Newton also provides the ability to evaluate the nutrient contribution of a specific rumen modifier vs. an additive. 


Watson® is our unique, science-based, integrated swine model and management tool designed to support swine producers in a challenging global production context, in which there is a constant need to make accurate, reliable and optimal decisions. Watson.s is able to simulate the impact of any change on your production before it is applied on-farm, allowing you to identify the optimal solution and achieve your goals.





With the growing complexity and competitiveness of the food industry, suppliers are faced with increasingly complicated operational challenges. A key focus area is feed costs, which can account for as much as 70 percent of the overall production budget. When industry conditions are as changeable and unpredictable as they are today, every feed-related decision you make can have a significant impact on your profit margin.

That’s why Trouw Nutrition developed NutriOpt®– a modular precision-feeding system made up of proven components that offer the latest nutritional science data and technology. When used together, these components make it possible to fine-tune your feeding strategy with high accuracy. They precisely calculate the most economically efficient approach under current market conditions that will get you the results you want while delivering optimized nutrition and improved profitability.


Key benefits of NutriOpt include:

  • Strong scientific foundation
  • Direct access to Trouw Nutrition Canada expertise and support
  • Increased accuracy and predictability
  • Smart, simplified decision-making process
  • Focus on both technical and business performance

NutriOpt is composed of modular components that work seamlessly and easily together in one advanced, integrated feeding system:

  • NIR measurements and nutritional database
  • Animals and economic models
  • Nutritional add-ons