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Every decision that is made on a swine operation can have immediate, long term, or ripple effects. This is why it is so important for producers to be able to see the impacts of their decisions prior to making them. Trouw Nutrition’s exclusive swine model Watson is an industry leading production model, helping producers answer questions about diet formulation, shipping management, feed additive or antibiotic usage, and most recently sustainability.


In our commitment to continuously improve our modeling capabilities and bring the most up to date decision making tool to producers, Trouw Nutrition has now incorporated a life cycle assessment (LCA) feature directly into Watson. With this technology the model can now predict levels of environmental pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorous that will be retained in the animal vs. excreted into the environment.


The Watson model brings life cycle analysis to the business of sustainable livestock production as it integrates animal biology, feed formulation, and a range of environmental metrics into a predictive model for driving decisions on the farm.

The life cycle assessment feature of Watson is powered by SimaPro, a third-party software that allows for real-time calculations. The LCA methodology incorporates ISO standards for calculating the environmental footprint, as well as Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) agri-footprint and Ecoinvent data, and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Tier 2 emissions, meaning all calculations are verifiable and are aligned to global standards.

Watson provides pork producers new insights into their farms’ productivity, profitability and now sustainability which ultimately help them make better decisions that support both economic and environmental goals
Mohsen Abedin - Director of Swine Technology Applications

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