The Shur-Gain brand of products consist of premium complete feeds, concentrates, premixes and farm minerals for livestock and poultry using high quality ingredients and supported by research and development and innovation. They are backed by our Nutrace® quality standards.

Complete Feed

Shur-Gain complete feed products are designed with our precision nutrition tools to meet the nutritional needs of your herd and flock while keeping your goals in mind. Our complete feed product line offers solutions for every stage of production.

Supplements and Premixes

Shur-Gain concentrates and premixes for livestock and poultry contain the latest nutritional innovations to meet your herd or flock’s nutritional needs. Our goal is to create cost-effective and well-balanced concentrates and premixes that maximize performance.

Farm Minerals

Shur-Gain farm minerals are formulated for optimal growth and efficiency. They are available as either a standard or high-density nutrition with on-farm mixes adapted to suit genotype, health status and production targets. Shur-Gain farm minerals are customizable to work with any ingredients available on-farm.