Companion Animal

At Trouw Nutrition we know the health of your animals is always a priority and that’s why we are committed to creating balanced diets with every stage of growth and development of your dogs and cats in mind. Our team of nutritionists formulated diets with regionally sourced ingredients, as we are proud to provide a Canadian made product with a delicious recipe.   


Wholesome Blend® and Lifetime®

Wholesome Blend® and Lifetime® are Trouw Nutrition’s premium and super premium pet specialty food brands. The products are devoted to giving your cats and dogs a lifetime of healthy nutrition, using locally sourced Canadian ingredients, and are available through pet specialty retail stores throughout Canada. 

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NutriChoice® products help keep your cat and dog healthy at an affordable price without sacrificing quality nutrition. We offer a wide variety of products for cats and dogs including dry kibble, wet foods, treats, biscuits and cat litter. 

The NutriChoice Advantage brand uses protein-first ingredients – the first ingredient is always a fresh meat – that are Canadian sourced, where possible. 

NutriChoice Advantage + products use an all life stages approach and provide quality, grain-free diets for cats and dogs at an affordable price. 




Our line up of Heritage pet products provide valued-based nutrition for dogs and cats. All diets are completed and balanced, using quality ingredients to ensure your pet receives safe and healthy products.



Kennel Blend®

Kennel Blend dog foods are proudly produced in western Canada with a fresh, balanced diet made with regionally sourced ingredients. Both Kennel Blend All Stages and Large Breed dog foods are formulated with a chicken, turkey and duck recipe.