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At Trouw Nutrition, we are a market leader in research proven dairy nutrition. We understand that producing high quality dairy milk is a complex business. Therefore, our dedicated team of dairy advisors, dealers, researchers and nutritionists strive to use our combined resources and knowledge to make a positive difference to your dairy operation. 

DNA Connect

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DNA Connect® is a new mobile app from Trouw Nutrition that allows producers to monitor, track and keep record of their total mixed ration formulations to improve accuracy, performance and return on investment. Producers can change their TMR dry matter and update their diets in real-time on their mobile devices with the click of a button. DNA Connect is powered by Trouw Nutrition’s Newton® model and allows for immediate integration of Newton diet formulations directly to the app.  

Producers have the ability to evaluate mixing accuracy by group. They can manage and assign rations to each feeding group (lactating cows, heifers, dry cows), and review reports to track feeding trends. The app hosts integrated messaging capabilities so producers can ask questions and connect with their Trouw Nutrition dairy advisor. 

The app can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets and the user can select cellular data or wi-fi only. No Wi-Fi available? No problem. The app can store information on the user’s device until it finds available wi-fi to upload information. 


Download available soon! Connect with your Trouw Nutrition advisor to get your farm set-up for integration! If you are not currently working with an advisor, please fill out the form below to be connected.

Robotic Milking

Trouw Nutrition has been at the forefront for herd management and the robotic milking trend. We have been working with robot herds for over 20 years. Our team of trained Dairy Nutrition Advisors have the tools to support you in meeting your goals, whether you are thinking about transitioning to this technology or currently working with milking robots. 

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Nutrition: The DNA Approach

For every dairy farm enterprise to be successful and profitable there are many details the farm owner and/or manager and employees must take into consideration. Optimizing forage quality, cow comfort, transition cow health and time budgets are factors which should always be considered. 

In the DNA program, our team is trained to uncover key opportunities on your farm that will make your operation more profitable and productive. Our people participate in several courses that range from records analysis (Lactanet and Dairy Comp 305) to a farm walking tour and interviewing the farm management team to determine the goals unique to each dairy business.   

This training is delivered in different formats, including: 

  • e-learning, which allows an individualto learn at their own pace
  • conference calls, where the opportunity to ask additional questions and clarify the information is provided
  • coaching in the field to assist with implementation

We conduct yearly workshops, allowing each person to apply their knowledge, receive feedback and develop plans to improve their skills in a practical environment. 

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Proofs of Performance

We are proud to work with some of Canada's most innovative and successful dairy operations. Gain insights, tips and inspiration from their remarkable stories. 


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Optimal transition, lifetime production

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HealthyLife is a practical, science based program that helps farmers increase the Lifetime Daily Yield of their dairy herd.