Research and Development and Validation Farms

Global Validation 

The Trouw Nutrition Global Validation team is a dedicated group of diverse scientists located in Asia, Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America, who coordinate the local validation of our research initiatives with external and independent collaborators. 

Science-based, value-added programs 

In an effort to continue to innovate as well as ensure the quality of our nutritional solutions, our validation team conducts more than 80 scientific studies annually in collaboration with over 100 leading universities, institutes, opinion leaders and key customers in their respective regions and countries.  

The benefits of our extensive global, local and practical research translate to providing science-based, value-added new concepts and existing programs to customers involved in raising bovine, poultry, swine, equine, ruminant, and companion animals. 

Global validation farm network 

In addition to receiving academic validation for our innovations, Trouw Nutrition’s team has been developing a global validation farm network for all animal species. Commercial farms are identified and transformed into practical research facilities. We have made a significant investment in adapting these farms and equipment used to execute top-notch research trials with high-quality R&D protocols and statistically sound designs.

Studies from the validation farms provide real-life proof of the consistent efficacy and real value preposition of our innovations. The aim is to close the gap between scientific knowledge and on-farm practices. Explore some of the validation farms found on this page. 


Validation Farms, worldwide 

The R&D team extends their research support network with commercial validation farms at multiple locations worldwide. Designed to test and apply scientific knowledge to on-farm practices, each facility represents the designated region and is adapted to conduct controlled research trials. This approach ensures practical implementation, reduces trial costs and supports local Trouw Nutrition businesses. 


Swine Research Centre, The Netherlands

The Swine Research Centre’s team of international scientists and skilled animal husbandry managers conducts detailed nutritional research studies focused on improved feed efficiency, piglet nutrition and health, and sow nutrition and health.

The facility’s unique electronic feeding and water stations and video surveillance make it possible to individually monitor the feeding behaviour of all categories of pigs, even when group housed. Individual water and feed intake characteristics are studied. Additionally, a unit for health-related, physiological and digestibility studies allows researchers to simulate most field conditions occurring on farms all over the globe.

Ruminant Research Centre, The Netherlands

The Ruminant Research Centre’s international team of scientists explore dairy, beef and calf nutrition through research focused on developing innovative products and concepts and by quantifying processes for our nutritional models. Feed intake, milk yields, nutritional physiology and health are studied at our experimental dairy farm. The group's second farm is used to study growing ruminants, beef and dairy calves. There, milk feeding, weaning and growth trials are carried out, exploring growth, feed efficiency, and importantly, animal development and health. In vitro and in situ models complete the range of experimental possibilities. All our efforts aim to further develop economically and environmentally sustainable dairy and beef production.

Poultry Research Centre, Spain

The Poultry Research Centre’s expert team studies efficient and sustainable feed utilization, production performance, and health and welfare of poultry and rabbits at a spacious facility located in Spain. The large center houses broilers, broiler breeders, laying hens and rabbits. A special unit designed for physiological and digestion studies provides facilities to optimize nutrition for animals in different housing systems. An on-site research feed plant supplies all feed needed, supported by a research laboratory for any required nutritional analyses.

Innovation Lab, The Netherlands

Researchers at the Innovation Lab evaluate the nutritional and functional content of newly identified ingredients that may contribute to sustainable production, animal health and product quality. The research team also collaborates with the species-specific research teams to develop synergies and generate new ideas for our innovation process. The well-equipped Trouw Nutrition research laboratory is available to all research teams, and planned to handle Q-PCR studies, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology and in vitro assays and digestion models.