Selko® is our global feed additives brand. Selkos portfolio consists of natural feed additive solutions that add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers. The overall development of our portfolio focuses on areas that include animal performance, reducing antibiotic use, and trace mineral nutrition solutions. 




Selko POmix is a flavoring product that contains a blend of natural polyphenols that has high antioxidant capacity. 


A blend of organic acids which effectively reduces pH of drinking water. Feed digestion improves with the pH in the crop and gizzard reduced. A healthy microbial balance in the proximal intestine contributes to optimal feed utilization.


IntelliBond® Copper and Zinc hydroxy trace minerals are the newest, most technologically advanced form of trace mineral nutrition designed for use in animal feeds. lntelliBond has high bioavailability and low environmental impact compared to inorganic sources. Utilizing OptiSize technology, Intellibond minerals support broiler and layer performance by better trace mineral utilization.