Our Approach

Optivia® is Trouw Nutrition Canada's dairy herd replacement program created to maximize the profitability of your operation, based on LifeStart scientific foundations and practical on-farm application. It covers all of the growth stages of your herd replacement program up to 24 months. Optivia, future performance optimized.

Optivia® covers all the growth stages of your herd replacement program

Optivia offers a range of milk replacer and calf starter products to meet the needs of the growing animal following the Lifestart approach for raising dairy heifers.

Optivia milk replacers are formulated from all milk proteins, providing highly digestible sources of nutrition for the growing calf. Options included partially acidified, amino acid supplemented and higher energy versions for winter calves.

0-9 weeks - MILK REPLACERS

Contains highly digestible fat and supplemental amino acids to support the growth and health of your calf.

  • Partially acidified to support normal gut health.
  • Product stability at every meal.
  • Easy to mix and remains in suspension.
1 week - 2 months - STARTER FEED
  • Highly palatable to support higher intakes.
  • Textured feed provides abrasiveness necessary for rumen integrity.
  • This will enable the heifer to reach 55% of mature body weight at breeding (12-15 months), enabling her to calve and produce milk sooner.
  • Dry TMR which incorporates 15% of chopped straw and 85% Optivia Rumimax.
  • Allow more consistent intake of both forages and grain.
  • Higher average daily gain (ADG).
4-6 months - GROWER FEED

Formulated to supply the heifer with the nutrients she needs for optimum rumen development and growth.


Your Trouw Nutrition Canada Dairy Nutrition Advisor will recommend the OPTIVIA® supplement that specifically meets the needs of your farm.