LifeStart Calf Audit 

critical vision of your calf and heifer rearing programs 

The LifeStart Sets Life Performance® program is based on the importance of early life management and nutrition. This program helps dairy operations better understand the mechanisms behind the health, performance and development of young animals Through its unique focus on the first two months of an animal’s life, a critical window of opportunity, this program aims to assist farmers in achieving higher performance. 

The LifeStart Calf Audit takes the LifeStart Sets Life Performance program one step further by reviewing the whole cycle, from birth to calving.  

The LifeStart Calf Audit provides a consistent and easy to use platform for producers, farm employees and their Dairy Nutrition Advisor to critically discuss and benchmark their calf and heifer rearing programs. It captures a record of current practices and recommendations so that repeated monitoring on the farm can determine if progress is being made towards the producer’s goals. 

If you are interested in having a LifeStart Calf Audit, contact your Dairy Nutrition Advisor or your nearest Shur-Gain dealership.