Selko Feed Additives

Selko® is our global feed additives brand. Selkos portfolio consists of natural feed additive solutions that add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers. The overall development of our portfolio focuses on areas that include animal performance, reducing antibiotic use, and trace mineral nutrition solutions. 



A patented fat matrix containing calcium gluconate, recognized in monogastric animals as a compound which improves gut health. Calcium gluconate has been shown in controlled experiments to improve milk fat output by lactating cows. Feeding Cremalto on numerous farms in Canada has generally demonstrated improved income over feed costs.




Although B-vitamins have not been demonstrated to be deficient in lactating dairy cows, supplementing B-vitamins has been demonstrated in numerous studies to improve milk production.  Vivalto contains five B vitamins which play vital roles in the conversion of nutrients into milk.



 IntelliBond® represents one of the highest quality trace mineral technologies available for animal nutrition today. lntelliBond products have high bioavailability and low environmental impact compared to inorganic sources. IntelliBond® hydroxy trace minerals have been studied and researched in dairy cattle by both our Trouw Nutrition Research and Development facilities and by independent, third party experts from respected universities and research institutions.