Feeds 'n Needs

We are a premier animal feed and supply retailer in Atlantic Canada. Satisfying the consumer’s desire for quality products at competitive prices; convenient shopping, and in-store customer service; thereby delivering value to our customers, staff and other stakeholders in a way that offers long-term sustainability.

Feeds’n Needs operates a chain of 13 corporate stores exclusively in Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island). Our 70+ professional staff members are committed to providing premium products with old-fashioned “hands on” service and educated answers to your questions.

With over 20,000 products, we are committed to being your one stop shop for all your livestock feed and supplies, pet food and accessories, and lawn and garden needs.

For more than sixty years Shur-Gain has been a recognized and respected brand of feed in Atlantic Canada. We have led the way with innovative nutrition technology and “on farm” support.

About US

It was recognized early on that a retail component was vital to properly support producers and allow them access to the products they needed to be successful. In the early years, with 4 feed production plants in the Maritimes, each plant provided retail space and carried the products necessary for animal health and farm maintenance. These retail locations were operated very much as local support centers on an individual basis.

This retail model benefited the many family farms that had limited means to source support products. As consolidation within the farming industry began and more competition was introduced, the need to streamline the retail support business became evident. This same period of time saw a large increase in lifestyle and hobby farming that also impacted consumer requirements at the local feed supply store. In order to meet these needs; we increased the number of stores, average square footage and the product mix at each store.

Due to this growth, we now have 13 corporate stores in the Maritimes, including the addition of new stores in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2009 and Moncton, New Brunswick in August 2011. Over the years, we have molded a professional approach with focus on store appearance, merchandising and improved signage. We have built an infrastructure to support this and better serve our customer with an integrated and computerized point of sale system, easily identifiable store uniforms, consistent radio and flyer presence. We have provided extensive sales training on our core store products to our internal sales team. The sales team continues to work with nutritional experts to gain the knowledge required to educate our customers. We are well prepared to service not only the agricultural community but also the other needs of both the rural and urban communities including pets, gardening, bird feeding and other core categories. 

Our premium quality livestock feed programs are developed through our own world class research facility and nutritional support team. In 2005, we opened a centrally located, state of the art production facility in Moncton, New Brunswick. This mill produces high quality, multi species feed for our Maritime Region.

Our chain of 13 corporate stores, with over 70 staff members, is committed to providing premium products, old fashioned “hands on” service and qualified answers to your questions.