Nutritional Labelling Analyze Sampling Procedure


The sampling stage directly affect the quality of the analytical results. It’s your responsibility to ensure the quality of the sampling, conservation and proper transportation of them, following these instructions.


If you bring your samples at the laboratory, you’ll have to use the delivery door on the right side of the office. Please ring the bell and once the door is open, drop off your samples and sign the register affixed inside the door.

RUSH SAMPLES: Check the Rush box on the form.


 At least 12 individual servings of food are taken at random from a batch and then combined. A minimum quantity of 200g is necessary for the analyzes.

STANDARD TESTING: Send the sample with the form.

MANY SAMPLES: Please numbered your bags and write the same number on the form.

TEMPERATURE: Store between 2 and 8⁰C until arrival at the laboratory.

MOLD PRODUCTS: In order to ensure our employees heath, these samples will not be tested.

Download and submit one form per sample

Submit Nutritional Labelling Sample

COMPLETE with a ballpoint pen (no lead pencil). Always use your best writing or electronic version. Don’t forget to uncheck unnecessary boxes on the electronic form. ex.: toxins, last product code sent, etc.

Please put the form into the pouch provided for this purpose