Water Sampling Procedure


Bacteriological Analyzes


RecipientSterile bottle (500 mL) provided by the laboratory upon request

It is important to use this type of recipient only as they are sterile and contain a preservative. The expiration date is indicated on the bottle. Please use it before it expires.

N.B. A bottle allows a maximum of 5 tests.



  • Clean the outside and inside of the faucet spout with a commercial bleach solution.
  • Let the water run to a medium level for more than 5 minutes before sampling.
  • Open the bottle, avoiding touching the inside of the container or cap with your fingers.
  • Fill up to the neck (do not rinse the bottle before filling) and be sure to close the bottle immediately after taking the sample.
  • Ship to laboratory with the duly completed analysis request form.

To ensure the conformity of your results:

  • The sample must not be frozen or partially frozen;
  • The sample received must be between 2°C and 8°C;
  • The sample must be received Monday to Thursday before 3:30 p.m.;
  • The sample must be received within 48 hours of collection.

You will then be notified by email and the sample must be resumed.

If one of these parameters is not respected, this represents a non-compliance with the analysis procedures. You will then be contacted to confirm if you want to continue with the analysis process despite it.

Samples must be received no later than:

  • Wednesday for the following tests: STRF, ENTE, BHAA;
  • Thursday for the following tests: COLT, COLF, ECOLI, COLATY, LEV/MOI.

 For all requests or additional information, contact our customer service at 1-888-330-7555 ext: 4231


 Duration of Bacteriological Analyzes of Water 


Duration of Analyze



Atypical colonies



Total Coliforms

Fecal Coliforms

Pseudomonas aeruginosa



Pseudomonas spp.





Fecal Streptococcus

Yeast and Mold

 Physicochemical Analysis

RECIPIENT: Required quantity: 250 mL

Plastic bottles are available at the laboratory.


  • Let the water run for more than 5 minutes before taking the sample.
  • When filling the bottle, avoid contact with the tap to avoid contamination.
  • Store sample in a dark and cool place at 4°C. For transport, place the sample in a cooler with previously frozen ice packs.
  • Send to the laboratory as soon as possible with the completed analysis request form.

Do not use the "bacteriological" bottle for physicochemical analyzes. The bacteriological bottles contain a preservative which may invalidate the results.

 Ideally, the maximum time between sampling and arrival at the laboratory should not exceed 48 hours.

For Sulfide analysis: a special bottle provided by the laboratory must be used. It contains a preservative which is essential. Do not rinse the bottle before filling and do not remove the liquid inside. Fill without air space.

Selko Analysis

RECIPIENT:    Minimum Required quantity: 500 mL (per titration)

Fill the bottle completely as we need 500 mL to do the analysis. 

Do not use the "bacteriological" bottle before rinsing it first. The bacteriological bottles contain a preservative which may invalidate the results. If the bottle has been rinsed, please indicate it on the label.

 For bottle requests or additional information: 1-888-330-7555 ext:4231



Download and submit one form per sample

ITF 3.2DE Water Analysis Form

COMPLETE with a ballpoint pen (no lead pencil). Always use your best writing or electronic version. Don’t forget to uncheck unnecessary boxes on the electronic form. ex.: toxins, last product code sent, etc.

Please put the form into the pouch provided for this purpose