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XRF Analysis Now Available at MasterLab

 MasterLab clients have probably noticed that all minerals are now analyzed with the XRF tool for Hay, Haylage, Corn Silage, TMR. Five new elements have also been added on the report analysis such as copper, manganese, zinc, iron and chlorine.

The accuracy of mineral analysis in the formulation of our customers’ personalized rations using this new procedure is equivalent to the wet chemistry method. This is an additional guarantee of the good health of dry cows and cows in preparation for calving, due to a better prediction of the anionic balance of their ration. But what exactly is the XRF analysis?

Analysis by XRF spectroscopy (X-ray fluorescence) is a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly and quick method that allows a precise analysis of several minerals, including certain minor elements, whether in liquid, solid, or oily form. XRF analysis is based on an established principle: each element produces a unique fluorescence when irradiated by a source of primary X-rays. Several industries such as mining, oil, chemicals and food already use this technology to measure mineral contents. This new way of doing things therefore makes it possible, once the calibrations are in place, to analyze by simple manipulations, the important nutritional elements with precision and repeatability of the results, and this, for all types of forage, feed or ingredients. Subsequently, in order to ensure the accuracy of the results over time, the calibrations are checked continuously.

MasterLab is committed to the success of each producer customer and XRF technology is an additional tool that helps us achieve this important common goal: to feed the future!

XRF Images

Aware of environmental issues, the laboratory uses the latest available technologies to reduce its ecological footprint. Here you can see two of our XRF instruments that greatly reduce our use of chemicals for mineral analysis.
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