Specialty Species

At Trouw Nutrition we know that as your four-legged family expands, so does your desire for well-balanced diets for your specialty animals. Our team of nutritionists understand that each species have unique nutritional requirements, this is why we formulate each Specialty Feed product to focus on the animals in your herd. 

Available Products: 


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12% Rabbit Holding Pellets 

16% Rabbit Grower Pellets 

18% Rabbit Starter Pellets 

18% Rabbit Pellets 

Sheep, Goat, Bison, Llama and Alpaca 

15% Goat Textured Feed 

14% Sheep Textured Feed 

HE Llama Supplement Textured Feed 

Llama and Alpaca Mineral 

18% Lamb Starter Pellets 

Sheep and Lamb Supplement Pellet 

Deer Corn 

Habitat Bison Mineral 

Goat Premix 

Goat Grower Pellets