Our Approach

Are you facing health challenges, performance issues, or economic constraints when raising your nursery pigs? Milkiwean, the Trouw Nutrition solution for piglet nutrition from day one, accelerates the development of the digestive system, ensuring continuous feed intake, improving digestibility and safeguarding immune competence for the best possible results. Milkiwean solutions are tailored to the different needs and requirements on the farm, thereby driving results and an optimal return on investment (ROI) for your business. 

Milkiwean with Kinetio Technology 

What is Kinetio technology? It is a new way of formulating animal diets, using the rate at which nutrients are digested and whether the animal’s rate of digestion is happening rapidly or slowly. Using data collected from research and commercial trials conducted here in Canada and at Trouw Nutrition Swine Research, we have found incorporating Kinetio technology is a way to improve nutrition, performance and the cost of feeding nursery piglets. All three of our Milkiwean programs include Kinetio technology and better support producers to achieve their objectives. 

Why Kinetio in Milkiwean Feeding.png

Milkiwean Best Start with Kinetio

  • Higher growth and feed intake in pigs
  • High exit weights and improved homogeneity
  • Increased nutrient density
  • Highly digestible proteins and a combination of various ingredients with different rates of digestion

Milkiwean Vital Start with Kinetio

  • Supports the piglet to fight enteric challenges
  • Encourages normal gut health and development
  • Suitable for antibiotic-free production
  • Incorporates specialized ingredients – immunoglobulins, functional fibre, medium chain fatty acids, acidifiers and probiotics

Milkiwean Efficient Start with Kinetio

  • Cost effective program for piglet rearing
  • Uses increased level of plant-based proteins
  • Takes advantage of functional additives
  • Optimizes nutrient density
  • Lower cost rations

Milkiwean Neo

  • Complete and balanced milk replacer using high quality ingredients

  • Formulated to be both highly palatable and to meet the nutritional requirements for lean tissue growth of the young pig

  • Dissolves easily with high stability and improved homogeneity

  • Supports a smooth transition to solid feed

  • Suitable for manual and automatic feeding systems

Milk replacer Neo