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Dairy-Robot Milking

Anne-Marie Raîche, Technical Services Supervisor, East

How can we meet your needs?

As a supplier and partner in animal nutrition, we want to make sure that we work for your success. Our highest priority is to offer you effective and appropriate solutions that meet your needs. That’s why we work so hard, day after day, to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for your farm. In this article, we would like to show you how our services are working for your success.

Let’s start with the technology transfer team, composed of researchers and agronomists. It’s important for them to clearly understand your short-term and long-term needs, to help guide your advisors in the field. They maintain a close relationship with your advisors to ensure that they remain well connected to your needs and to the reality of today’s market. This cohesion with your advisors allows the technology transfer team to develop the science and research applicable on your farm and makes it accessible. We want to allow you to benefit from sustainable innovations related to your goals, and most importantly, innovations that guarantee the sustainability of your business. Our team provides and promotes the information to your advisors for marketing purposes. The technology transfer team and your advisors are therefore closely linked. While our team develops innovations and makes them available, your advisors inform you about these innovations, and evaluate how we can apply them on your farm.

Your cows’ nutrition is our priority. We have been developing this expertise for over 100 years. That’s why we have a strong and competent team of nutrition development advisors. Behind each ration offered to your cows, you can find our formulation team working exclusively on developing personalized recipes for the needs of each herd. They’re working with the most advanced nutritional program in the industry, which balances 10 different amino acids and is supported by more than 30 years of research: Newton®. Patented since 2014, Newton has been incorporating over the last years the dynamic energy principle and has been considering additives that modify the rumen environment as nutritional ingredients when formulating diets. The dynamic energy principle for digestion in ruminants considers different fractions and degradation speeds of forages to improve feed efficiency. This allows better balancing for the nutrition of the rumen bacteria and the cow, therefore feeding the cow even more precisely and meeting its needs. The strength of our formulating system resides in offering the most economical ration adapted to your objectives, your needs and the needs of your herd. Many parameters are considered when formulating a ration: the animal’s nutritional requirements, the lactation stage, the feeds available and their composition. All these factors allow us to obtain greater precision to meet the needs of the animals and to obtain the performance you want at the best possible cost.

To offer you an efficient ration, we need to evaluate the feeds on your farm and the feeds we produce. To do this, we can count on our laboratory. Recognized around the world, it meets rigorous requirements which include employee training, sample processing, and the use of validated and proven analysis methods, making it ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified for the last 23 years. It has also been certified by the National Forage Testing Association since 1996 and is ranked amongst the first for analysis performance evaluation. The Trouw Nutrition Laboratory participates in 10 different proficiency testing programs from international organizations, such as complete analysis of feed, forage analysis and nutritional labelling, which validate the precision of its results.

Because the market and your needs are constantly changing, and because we work daily at developing new technologies for your farms, we must ensure that your advisors are at the cutting edge of technology. To do so, Trouw Nutrition has developed a detailed continuing training program for our dairy nutrition advisors. This program aims mainly to ensure the grasp and understanding of management, economic and nutrition principles by the advisors.

As you can see, your advisors are never alone. They benefit from a passionate and competent team that works day after day to bring them constant support and allow them to develop an optimal service offering for your benefit. Your Trouw Nutrition advisors are an essential part of a world-class team which stands out for its dedication to do better every day and which has local producers’ success at heart.

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Trouw Nutrition’s team of trained Dairy Nutrition Advisors have the tools to support you in meeting your goals, whether you are thinking about transitioning to this technology or currently working with milking robots.