In order to deliver great results for our customers, the dairy nutrition, advisors (DNA) study milking robots from Lely, Delaval, GEA and Boumatic, to help maximize producer success.

Combining our research & development, product porfolio and our team of trained Dairy Nutrition Advisors, we are able to deliver results that help you achieve your goals.

Our approach does not offer cookie cutter solutions but ones that are customized and unique for each farm business. Every farm has opportunities and so strategies and recommendations are unique as well.

Pellet and Feeding Approach



Using a comprehensive nutrition approach, Trouw Nutrition has a proven track record on farm of its robot customers meeting their production goals.

Blog Posts

Testimonial : Ferme Des Grand Pres

A great partnership with their Dairy Nutrition Advisor and Shur-Gain dealer has helped this third generation farm in Quebec achieve its production goals.

Testimonial : Wilkridge Farm

Dare and keep going foward. This couple is the fifth generation of Wilkes to work on this Eastern Ontario farm.

Testimonial : Sunshine Colony Farm

Utilizing technology, including robotic milking, to improve the production and health of this herd in Alberta.

Testimonial : Ferme Beljie

We went to the region of Yamachiche to meet with Jean-Luc Bellemare, Marc Bellemare, Éric Bellemare and Louise St-Yves, the owners of Beljie Farm. Four years ago, this company “dared to” when they decided to install two milking robots in an entirely new building.

Testimonial : Rickeen Farms

One of the first AMS herds in Ontario, this century farm has multiple generations working together to acheive their goals.

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Trouw Nutrition’s team of trained Dairy Nutrition Advisors have the tools to support you in meeting your goals, whether you are thinking about transitioning to this technology or currently working with milking robots.