Testimonial : Ferme Des Grand Pres

Dairy-Robot Milking

A great partnership with their Dairy Nutrition Advisor and Shur-Gain dealer has helped this third generation farm in Quebec achieve its production goals.


Testimonial : Ferme Des Grand Pres

Pascal Roy represents the third generation of his family who has worked on the Des Grands Prés dairy farm. Even though he took over the farm’s management, his parents are still involved in the daily chores of the farm. In 2019, with the construction of a new barn, they made a transition to robotic milking.

Working with H.L. Boisvert feed mill for a little over a year, Pascal mentions his good relationship and the ease of communication he has with his Dairy Nutrition Advisor, Ariane Fontaine. Pascal mentions, “She actively follows up on my herd so we can do the most at the best price. She always has good ideas! She always offers sound advice.”

“I like their local service, their delivery service and their consulting services. My advisor adapts quickly. She can monitor our farm from her office thanks to our online database and we talk regularly. With the robots, we have access to live data. They help us increase our performance. Ariane reacts or adapts to the situation almost immediately.”

Pascal mentions that quality of products fed to his animals has increased the efficiency and the production of his cows. “Every change we have made has increased performance.” He also adds that the consistency of the robot feed, the stability of the pellets and the weight of the product at delivery helps to calibrate the feed in the robot.

He concludes by saying how proud he is of the team around him, both at the mill and at Trouw Nutrition. “Together, they help me achieve my goals of producing the maximum of fat per cow while keeping my business on track.”



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